Vivi POZZEBON is a singer and is one of the female percussion referents in Argentina. Projected as one of the most important exponents of new music in this country, so blending roots music including Argentina, African American and Caribbean on a path sound ranging from traditional to measure the power of the urban pulse. For 12 years he was among a group of mouth. With three albums under his belt first, music worlds, real and unexpected marked a milestone in the music scene of the mid ’90s in Argentina. It was the best female vocal training from world music that gave birth to our country, leading the advance of the raid of féminos percussion and singing groups which then ensued in these plains. The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices, Zap Mama, Miriam Makeba, Bobby Mc Ferrin yTotó The Momposina were some of its leaders in the art of singing and timbre. They shared the stage with artists such as Cecilia Todd (Venezuela), Hermeto Pascoal (Brazil), Eva Quartet (singers The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices), Jairo (Argentina) and Ruben Blades (Panama), who also collaborated on his album World 2003 Grammy for Best World Music Album. Today his solo stage passes and already released two albums Tamboorbeat (2009) and its expected Mother Dance (2011).

Cultural diversity, especially in Latin America are present in his work, as well as ringtones and acoustic and electronic sounds, especially in their first album, combine in a fresh and innovative approach, with traditional and contemporary. Cuban conga rhythms like cumbia, son, reggae, Huayno, hip-hop, Yoruba chants, chamamé, Brazilian samba, milonga, candombe, Peruvian celebration, and Cordovan chacarera quartet heard in his repertoire, in works of popular folklore of America America and other of his own. Their lyrics speak of the nature of popular beliefs and faith, peace, love affairs, the power of women, dancing and celebration, and in honor of our Latin American folklore figures, Argentina and Cordoba, as Violeta Parra (Chile), CassiaEller (Brazil), Domingo Cura or Leonor Marzano. The song dedicated to the latter, named after their latest album Dance Mother, evoking creative pianist and rhythm popular “folk” Cordoba, the quartet.

In the live shows are known for condensed energy and joy that depart from his voice and his percussion and thus adding to the band that accompanies it, and invites spread through their rhythms and lyrics in all popular theaters in ofiestas acting, dancing and ritual celebration, additives always present in their music and in their performances, also relying on a carefully staged with lights and visuals, and adding drums to different formations in each place in which it is presented. Since 2010 directed by percussionist Liliana Zavala (Sweden-Argentina), the Women tamboreras-Drum project, with workshops which made ​​traveling shows chat live percussion, and, in order to form a network of women percussionists both as for the exchange of information, business contacts and artistic experiences, looking fortalecernoscolectivamente locate and globally as a working community. Also having an integral end portion of the proceeds from the meetings is intended for various associations with a profile of social assistance. Under this name, Vivi POZZEBON was convened by the renowned duo Vitale-Baglietto to accompany them in editing the Cosquín Folklore 2012. Also shared the stage with artists such as Lila Downs, Susana Baca, Mercedes Sosa, Bomba Estereo, La Bomba de Tiempo, Pussycat Garay , Yusa, Liliana Herrero, Raly Barrionuevo and Caliban, among others.